Nurture 2011


Volume 5. Issue 1                        January to December 2011

Review Articles:  
“Building social capital in micro environment: the family, attachment theory and socialization”

Emine Ozmete


“Peace through consumer education: A Discussion Paper”

 Sue L. T. McGregor PhD Professor


Original Research  
Cultural Context and Children’s Perceptions of Conflict and Peace

Chris Coughlin, Gloysis Mayers, Jesse Dizard, Judy Bordin

The effect of snacks on periodontal health and dental caries among school going adolescents in western

 Omutimba D.S,. Joseph K. Rotich, Sang C.K.,

Consumers’ consideration of functional utility when choosing major household appliances

Suné donoghue, Alet c erasmus


Comparitive study of energy and water conservation in domestic gas geysers

 Imran Shami, Nomana Anjum, Nazia Iftikhar, Shaista Babar, Saima Manzar,



Characterization of household waste in islamabad and exploring possible reuse and recycling options

Muhammad Qasim, Nomana Anjum, Nazia Iftikhar,  Saima Manzar, Shaista Baber


Guidelines for Authors