What is Home Economics?

HOME ECONOMICS as an activity has been present ever since civilization
lead to establishment of homes. The quality of human civilization undoubtedly
depends on the quality of homes. Traditionally learning of most of the human
activities and occupations depended on informal transfer of knowledge and expertise
from one generation to another. With the accumulation of a large amount of
knowledge disciplines emerged and acquisition of expertise became dependant on
formal education. However it is quite astonishing that due attention has not been
paid by education policy makers to assure planned and formal transfer of knowledge
and expertise for the oldest and most important of all professions that is homemaking.

betterment of individual, family and community. Its strategy is to extract usable
subject matter from physical and social sciences and arts and deliver it to consumers,
so as to empower the consumers i.e. individuals families and communities, to make
judicious decisions in their daily life. Home economics recognize homes as the
foundation of human development and integrity of family as an inevitable requisite
for the establishment of homes. Home economics means: making best use of
available knowledge and skills for the optimum functioning of homes and
betterment of family members.
The need for home making expertise never diminishes. Regardless of family
members employment or education they need a place to rest retires, refresh, grow,
live and die. Human civilization cannot survive without these units. Strength of
civilization depends on the strength of these units called homes. No matter how
many science and technology experts a country has if these units are not utilizing the
outputs of science and technology in an appropriate manner peace and prosperity are
impossible. Home economics as a discipline functions to extract usable information
from various social and physical sciences and delivers it to the profession of home
making, and thus strengthens and empowers home makers.
1956 to promote home economics in Pakistan. In spite of several hurdles home
economists succeeded in retaining the status of home economics. The challenges
ahead are to promote research so as to provide evidence based, up-to-date
knowledge to learners and practitioners; and to provide advocacy for the
significance of the discipline.

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