Nurture 2012


Volume 6. Issue 1                        January to December 2012

Original Research


Parents’ perspectives on the need for professional development for early childhood teachers in Botswana 3
Kabita Bose,  Lois. R. Mberengwa,  Pedzani Perci Monyatsi  
Effects of Pupils’ Perceptions towards School Uniform on Learners’ Self-esteem 14
Sempele N.L. Catherine, Violet K. Mugalavai.,  
Dietary practices among adolescents: Do boys eat better than girls? 22
Farooq Ahmad Adeel, Mukhtar Ahmad Awan, Nomana Anjum, Hajra Ahmed, Zaheer Ahmed, Asma Afreen  
Young people as consumers of information technology in a third world country 30
Mohammad Asim Shaikh, Mohammad Adil Shaikh , Farzana Asar  
Guidelines for Authors