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Volume 12. Issue 1                        January to December 2018


Original Research

Rehabilitation of female stroke patients through simple motor activities  

Hina Zubair, Parveen Saeed

Water conservation related awareness and practices of families living in Lahore

Nazma Malik  Muhammad Abiodullah  Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry

The Impact of Psychological Empowerment on Workaholism

Masood Hassan, Urooj Azmat,  Imam Uddin

Assessment of Bone Mineral Density in Relation to Nutritional Status and Physical Activity of Early Adolescent Girls in the Public and Private Schools of Peshawar City

Sumbla Yousaf, Pervaiz.I.Paracha, Sareer Badshah

Bank Employees’ Fatigue Level in Relation to Office Lighting

Asma Zahoor, Muhammad Abiodullah Anis Ahmad Siddiqi