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Volume 14. Issue 1                        January to December 2020


Original Research

Factors Predicting Social Anxiety Among Middle School Children
Faseeha Khursheed, Attiya Inam,  Muhammad Abiodullah

Relative Nutritional And Phytochemical Composition Of Citrus Fruit Compartments- A Case Against Wasting Citrus Peels
Aniba Batool, Samra Imran, Afifa Tanweer

Thermal Processing and Lycopene Content Of Tomatoes- A Public Health Perspective
Shereen Fiza, Samra Imran, Afifa Tanweer

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Female College Students Regarding Environment
Nazma Malik

Views of Urban And Suburban Residents Of Lahore Regarding Environment And Its Association With Reported Frequency Of Common Ailments
Asma Akmal,, Bisma Laeeque. Rakhshan Ahsan, Sheza Fatima

Implications of A Child with Autism and Maternal Distress on The Psychological Adjustment of His Typical Siblings
Attiya Inam, Rukhsana Kausar, Muhammad Abiodullah