Objectives and Scope


The goal of the Editorial Board of NURTURE International Research Journal is to disseminate reports on the latest research from any of the following fields that is relevant to the focus of the journal described above: Human Development, Home Economics, Home Management and Family Economics, Food, Nutrition & Health, Design and Visual Studies, Housing and Interior Designing, Textile and Clothing to a broad based audience of academia and to establish new topics in said fields and to cross boundaries with their discipline.


The journal aims to publish articles that are directly or indirectly related to empowering individuals, families and communities to improve their quality of life. Thus the spectrum of areas of studies that could send articles for this journal is very wide. However the articles should either be related directly to following topics or should indirectly be contributing to these areas by studies of relevant techniques, theories or phenomenon.

1.     Family dynamics, globalization & Human Development

Social and Psychological aspects of Human Development and role of care takers and social groups particularly parents, teachers and family in empowering human being; family studies and family dynamics

2.      Home Economics & Human Ecology

General and multidisciplinary articles about Home Economics education, home economics research, practices of families and households and quality of life of individual and families.

3.      Home Management & Consumerism

Managing; handling, supervision, or control of family affairs and resources so as to hold family values, maintain standards and achieve goals; Production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services for the family; Consumerism

4.      Food, Nutrition & Wellness

Wellness, Protection or restoration of health through selecting/producing, preparing and consuming healthy food; maintain of personal and food hygiene; Food and nutrition security for individual and households.

5.      Design and Visual Studies:

Basic and universal theories and issues regarding use of resistant and complaint materials and techniques for creating structural and decorative design;

6.      Housing and Interior Designing:

Particular theories and issues regarding designing house and interiors constructing household furniture, furnishing and equipment;

7.      Textile and Clothing:

Particular theories and issues regarding designing and selecting  apparel and constructing garments and furnishing; Textile sciences.